Commercial Property

We are proud to have developed an expertise in property law based on our years of managing large-scale transactions for both national and foreign clients. Our attorneys advise on all types of real estate transactions including land acquisition and its development, sale of the property according to the various types of property usage (residential housing, business offices, fractional ownership, etc.), development of commercial centres including the related activities such as unit rentals, negotiation with local authorities and internal management rules. We retain a notary and technical department to assist with transaction completion, inspection, and valuation of the property. Additionally, we have built up a network of trusted professional contacts throughout Italy who work in the sector such as architects, surveyors, estate agents and bank officers. These professionals are valuable due to their understanding of local procedures that may affect proper clearance of zoning and other building requirements, and they appreciate that the needs of international clients, particularly in regards to timing, can be very different from what is normally expected in an Italian business transaction.
Finally, our lawyers are often present at the sector’s related fairs such as Mipim, Eire.

  • Assisting a UK investor in the acquisition and development of a condo-hotel (“residenza turistico alberghiera”)
  • Counselling a Luxemburg company in the land purchase and development of a residence
  • Handling the auction purchase from a public entity of land and buildings to be renovated and sold as residential and units
  • Negotiating the purchase by an Italian company of an office building in Switzerland and coordinating with architects for the renovation project
  • Preparing and managing all aspects of the purchase of a hotel by a foreign company

  • 10/06/2009 “Mixed-use development: il valore aggiunto dell’integrazione tra residenziale, RTA e alberghiero” held at EIRE 2009, Milan
  • 22/04/2006 Jacopo Monaci Naldini was a speaker for the International Association of Young Lawyers “Cross-border Investments in the Real Estate and Retail Sector”, Rome