Commercial Transactions

We work with our commercial clients not only to protect them legally, but to define an ideal strategy from a business perspective, whether that is simply to maximize profits, or a more tactical move such as market positioning. Our counsel covers all kinds of commercial agreements including purchase and supply, agency and management, bank financing and letters of credit, franchise, advertising, sponsorship, brokerage, merchandising and distribution of materials and intellectual property. Since this practice area is primarily international, we work regularly with international conventions and agreements such as Incoterms and the United Nations CISG.

  • Drafting contracts for research and development, and patent and know-how transfer
  • Preparing license and distribution agreements for the development of a coffee-shop concept worldwide
  • Initiating a telecommunication network service at the national level
  • Coordinating assignments of trademark
  • Managing the transfer of Italian assets into foreign trusts
  • Purchasing of advertising space within airports
  • Advising on consultancy agreements and commercial agency agreements

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