Immigration and Citizenship

JMU attorneys are highly experienced in the laws regulating the right to reside and/or obtain citizenship in Italy. These provisions are quite complicated. As an example, for jure sanguinis candidates, this right will depend on such factors as whether an ancestor was male or female, the precise time of emigration from Italy, and whether the Italian citizenship was ever “technically” renounced. We have successfully obtained these rights for dozens of our clients, also for those seeking the right to live in Italy based not on blood relations, and we have considerable experience in all procedures of the Questura, the recognition of foreign professional licenses in Italy, and the necessary proofs of economic self-sufficiency. For those who have immigration matters outside of Italy, our attorneys can also obtain certificates of good standing and other documents from the Italian courts and public offices.

  • Managing numerous residence and citizenship applications for non-Italian citizens
  • Providing legal opinions for foreign companies concerning their employees about employment and work rights of non-Italian citizens

  • October 2008: training course for Lawyers, Il diritto degli stranieri, held by A.S.G.I, Associazione per gli Studi Giuridici sull’Immigrazione, Florence