Our litigation attorneys are in court every day to achieve the best outcome for our clients in virtually all areas of Italian law, including family, labour, administrative and regulatory law, as well as commercial disputes. We also maintain a substantial criminal law practice and manage a number of enforcement proceedings and debt collections throughout Italy.


Engaging in numerous international court actions for clients such as:

  • an Italian manufacturer of valves sued in Germany by the buyers’ insurance company
  • a UK company sued in Italy for a defective delivery of goods
  • a UK individuals claiming rights against Italian sellers of real property
  • an Irish company in a complex land dispute affecting property assets located in Italy
  • a Luxemburg company involved in a seizure of property assets in Italy
  • an Italian manufacturer in litigation in Austria arising out of a supply agreement

  • 15/05/2009 “La class action in Italia: opportunità e prospettive”, held by Camera di Commercio di Firenze, Florence
  • 09/04/2009 “La conciliazione nella gestione delle controversie commerciali internazionali”, held by Camera di Commercio di Firenze, Florence